Meet Shiraz

Shiraz is an award-winning belly dance performer, instructor, and dance ethnographer serving the Philadelphia – Pennsylvania, Delaware, and entire Tri-State areas.  Renowned for her emotive performances, impeccable technique, and cultural nuance that bring audiences together, she is highly sought after for wedding performances as well as Middle Eastern cultural, family, and women’s events that feature raqs sharqi (belly dance) and folkloric dances. Experience Shiraz’s passion and artistry as she dances from the bottom of her heart into yours.

“Her dance radiates with life, love, and joy as she layers shimmies, belly rolls, dynamic hip work, & serpentine fluidity.”

Shiraz’s classic style and passionate performances captivates audiences. Her cultural respect, understanding, and sincere love of Middle Eastern dances add integrity to her art.

Shiraz is available for hire at your wedding or next special occasion, as well as for dance instruction, offering raqs sharqi (belly dance) classes in Pennsylvania and Delaware, and is also available for belly dance performance and workshop bookings nationwide and internationally. Whether it be a glamorous raqs sharqi (belly dance) performance or joyful folkloric show – Shiraz will radiate the bliss, emotional depth, and cultural traditions that dances of the Middle East and Arab world embody.




Shiraz – Belly Dance Performer, Instructor, and Dance Ethnographer

Middle Eastern folkloric and belly dance shows and classes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Delaware -Baltimore, Maryland, and the entire Tri-State area.