Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to hire belly dancer Shiraz for your next wedding or special occasion in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, or Maryland? Here are some frequently asked questions about hiring a belly dancer.

Q. How long should the belly dance performance be?

A. Depending on what belly dance package you request (Classic Show, Mini Show, exc.), a typical show is 15-25 minutes. Shiraz recommends the “Classic Belly Dance Show” for most occasions. 20 minutes gives Shiraz just enough time to provide a full length dynamic show including all the traditional elements such as a dramatic entrance, taqsim, drum solo, and audience participation. This is the standard length belly dance show for Middle Eastern and Turkish establishments that feature belly dance weekly in the tri-state area. It’s always a good idea to leave your guests wanting more. A very small venue or packed dance area may work better with the Mini Belly Dance Show or if you just want something quick and fast (for example, if Shiraz is only one of a series of entertainment providers at your event.) Further, taking your audience into account is important, while an Egyptian audience may be more accustomed to a longer length show, a group of elementary school children tend to have much shorter attention spans.

Q. Are belly dance shows appropriate for children / family friendly?
A. Yes! Shiraz loves dancing for children and they are often her biggest fans. They love to join in at the end for audience participation and love the sparkly costumes! Belly dance, better known as Raqs Sharqi in Arabic, is a cultural family-friendly art form and appropriate for all ages. Traditional folkloric shows are also very popular for children’s school events.

Q. What kind of belly dancing music do you use?

A. Shiraz has a wide repertoire of Arab and Turkish music ranging from the traditional classics such as Um Kulthoum to the most current pop songs great for audience participation. Let her know where the people in the audience will be from and what type of music you would like- she is happy to work with you to create just what you’re looking for!

Q. Is it appropriate to tip?

A. Of course! Tipping is always a culturally appropriate and welcome gesture to show your enjoyment of Shiraz’s show in addition to clapping and joining in yourself for audience participation. If you’re not from the Arab world or Turkey just know that a traditional and fun way of tipping a belly dancer is a ‘money shower’ – lightly tossing a bunch of bills above the dancers head while she performs. Tips may also be included with the final payment form or politely handed to Shiraz during her belly dance performance. —-Please note, Shiraz does not accept in-costume tipping.

Q. When should I book a belly dancer?

A. It is always better to book the show sooner rather than later. Keep in mind Friday and Saturday nights and holidays are the busiest times as well as wedding season in PA, NJ, MD, and DE for hiring a belly dancer.

Q. Do you do out of state/international belly dance performances?

A. Yes! Shiraz is located on the East Coast but is available for belly dancing shows nationally and internationally. Travel fees will apply and booking should be made well in advance, but Shiraz enjoys traveling very much!

Q. How do I contact Shiraz to hire her for a belly dance show/performance?

A. Give her a call or email! 302-743-1982 or

Q. What makes Shiraz’s belly dance performances and shows stand out? Why Shiraz?

A. Shiraz is a consummate professional coming from the East Coast where she regularly performed 2-5 professional belly dance shows every week for years. Shiraz has been trained by some of the best teachers in the country and has traveled overseas a number of times to enhance her cultural nuance and technique with the best teachers in Turkey and Egypt. She has been performing and training in this particular style for over 13 years now and continues to train in the Middle East annually. The dance is her passion and this shines through with every performance. Check out her “Testimonials” website page to hear what others have to say about Shiraz’s belly dancing.