California Check-in!


I realized I’ve been offline a lot since moving out here to Southern California and I just wanted to check-in with my friends, students, and fans that are now coast-coast!

First of all, I hope you haven’t worried about me since my drive out here (yes, an amazing 4-day cross-country journey with my wonderful mother!) Because I could NOT be any happier! I’ve never felt more excited about anything in my whole life as I am about being here as a first-year in the UC Riverside Critical Dance Studies PhD program!  This is exactly where I need to be. Everything is unfolding more beautifully than I could’ve ever imagined and I feel so deeply blessed!

Sincerely, my hope is that you too, when you feel a pull of passion and purpose in your life, be brave and curious enough to embrace it and let it forever change you, and from there, inshallah, the world…