Belly Dance Classes

Belly Dancing classes in Newark, Delaware! Interested in sponsoring Shiraz for a belly dance workshop? – For more info on workshops, visit the workshops page. 

Shiraz provides group, private, or semi-private belly dance instruction and classes in her Newark, Delaware studio and is also available to teach belly dance workshops. Please contact her directly for more information at or call Shiraz at 302.743.1982. (Email is preferred.)

Shiraz Belly Dance Classes – Delaware and Pennsylvania 

Class Descriptions

Learn the Art of Belly Dancing with a multi-award winning professional dancer in Delaware!

Students will learn the art of belly dance while getting a safe and gentle total body workout that enhances muscle awareness, tone and strength; posture; balance; and poise. Designed to improve health and fitness levels as well as body image, the belly dance classes also promote individual creativity, inner strength, as well as celebrating community and fostering cross-cultural appreciation and knowledge.

Not only will you be taught by one of the area’s top professional performing artists, but also by a sincere teacher who has devoted her life to the study and beauty of dances of Egypt and Turkey. She wants to share her love, passion, and knowledge with you so that you may benefit as she has from all that belly dance has to offer. Raqs sharqi (belly dance) and Middle Eastern/North African folkloric dances offer a unique space where one can learn to better love and know themselves while also learning to better love and understand other people and cultures. Learn the beauty of raqs sharqi classes and lessons and see why Shiraz’s belly dance classes are so popular!                              


Belly Dance Essentials

In this beginner’s belly dance class we will learn fun and beautiful basic belly dance movements, like shimmies, undulations, hip circles, figure-eights, and snake arms; along with body isolations, posture, and musicality. Cultural and historical background of the dance will be covered. Students will leave with the foundations of the art form, along with tons of great new moves, body control and awareness, improved health & self-image, and cultural appreciation of the Middle East!



Intermediate & Advanced Raqs Sharqi 

If you have solid grasp of your essential belly dance technique, musicality, artistry, and are ready or already out performing, this belly dance class is your next step. Intermediate students will continue to master the basic techniques, as well as learn more complex skills such as shimmy layering; traveling steps; expressing personality, dynamic combinations, high-level technique, and nuanced cultural performance concepts and skills. Honing your cultural nuance, musicality, and performance skills are a major focus of the class. Topics may range from technique and concepts for –  drum solos, improvisation, performance/stage skills, professionalism/business, folk dances, rhythm work & musicality, creativity, prop mastering (assaya (cane), veil, zills, sword), and more! As always, the beautiful and rich cultural background and significance of the art form will be incorporated into every raqs sharqi class.


Belly Dance Drills and Technique Training (Adv Beg-Adv levels)

Designed for dancers working to enhance their physical belly dance technique, this powerhouse class will get you moving like a RaqStar! Drills and training work to squeeze every ounce of ‘honey’ out of serpentine movements, while adding power, stamina, and definition to shimmies and percussive isolations. A great class if you’re looking to get in shape and tune-up your technical abilities. 




Shiraz – Ghawazee Dance 

Folkloric and Social Dances of the Middle East and North Africa – Sampler 

This will be a mini-series of classes that will include a select ‘sampler’ of folkloric styles from around the Middle East and North Africa. Every raqs sharqi dancer (belly dancer) should be familiar with these styles of dancing and it’s a great chance to grow your knowledge base as well as appreciation of the rich beauty and diversity of the Arab world! Topics may range from Gulf-style Khaleeji, Tunisian, Egyptian Saidi or beladi/shaabi, Ghawazee, Turkish, Algerian, Moroccan…. etc! Open to ALL levels of dancing.


Location: Shiraz teaches in the beautiful city of Newark, Delaware. Her classes are currently hosted at the following dance studio location:

                                   TBD (To be determined)* 

Class Prices & Registration

E-mail Shiraz at for specific payment methods and registration. Dancers must pre-pay for the entire session to get the discounted rate of $12/class and secure their spot for all sessions! Drop-ins are $20/class. You can Paypal:, mail a check, or bring cash for payment on the first class day.*


Please sign up for Shiraz’s Mailing List on the home page to keep in touch about upcoming belly dance classes in Delaware and Pennsylvania as well as belly dance performances, shows, and workshops. Also friend her on FaceBook for the latest class and teaching updates:


Belly Dancing – Private Lessons and Mentoring

Shiraz is also available for private or semi-private belly dance lessons for the dedicated dancer. Private belly dance lessons are offered in Shiraz’s home studio for 50$/hour. Semi-privates are $35/per dancer. In addition to private belly dance lessons, she is more than happy to assist in mentoring dancers for those wanting to deepen their knowledge (dance & cultural)of their Middle Eastern journey. A mentor is a necessary and priceless commodity in the dance community; Shiraz is available to answer questions one might have pertaining to the business, performing, or professional aspects of the art.


Shiraz is available to teach belly dance workshops in your area! Whether you are looking for a fun beginner’s workshop or one of Shiraz’s specialties, she is happy to work with you to create just what you’re looking for. Some of Shiraz’s Specialties include: sword, double sword, candle tray, drum solo, stage presence and dynamics, improvisation, layering, movement quality, dynamic combinations, rhythms and musicality, even essential Arabic language skills. Visit the Workshops Page to view current topics and for more information on sponsoring Shiraz.


*Note: Temporary financial scholarships are available on a case-by-case basis