Lectures and Presentations 

Shiraz is a fifth-year Ph.D. Candidate in Critical Dance Studies from the University of California, Riverside.

شيراز – باحثة في دراسات الرقص    

She has been honored with the Dean’s Distinguished Fellowship and several Gluck Program for the Art’s Fellowships. She earned her B.A. in Anthropology with an Islamic Studies and Arabic Language concentration from the University of Delaware. She is currently writing her multi-sited dance ethnography of Cairo’s contemporary raqs sharqi scene for her dissertation project. Her research explores the myriad ways raqs sharqi engages with the precarious political, gender, and economic transformations Egypt has been experiencing since the 2011 revolution. 

Shiraz has shared her ethnographic research at academic conferences and belly dance festivals nationally and internationally and is available for lectures, presentations, and panels to share her work as a dance ethnographer and dance scholar. Please email for more information: Shiraz@ShirazDance.com 

Upcoming Presentations: 

Belly Dance Blossom Festival (Featuring Dina), Toronto, Canada – May 5-7th 2018                                  Blossom Talk: “Raqs Sharqi after the Revolution” 

Dance Studies Association Conference, Malta – July 3-5th 2018                                                            Paper Presentation: “A Slippery Stage: Negotiating Saudi Petro-Dollars, Tahayas, and Competing Masculinity at the Cairo Cabaret”