Welcome Changes – New Website

Merhaba and welcome to my brand new belly dance website!

This past year has been a breath of fresh air, so many adventurous changes and possibilities! In September I’ll be journeying from Delaware on the East Coast to my new home on the West Coast, Riverside California, where I’ll be attending UCR for my PhD in Critical Dance Studies. I finally surrendered to my heart and all the late night journaling after dance gigs; combining dance and anthropology. It feels amazing and I cannot wait to see what lies ahead, I hope my work will somehow leave the world a more beautiful place. I’ve also spent time traveling in both Egypt and Turkey this year studying dance and culture. I firmly believe traveling is one of the most incredible experiences and blessings – I encourage everyone to go see more of the world. It changes you in deeply beautiful ways, you won’t come home the same.

Why the new belly dance website? Well to be honest it was a blessing in disguise. As some of you in the dance community are aware, after breaking ties with a toxic person in my life, calling him out on lack of ethics, – I woke up one day to my old belly dance website (previously designed by him), email, and domain being gone. If I’d had even a basic knowledge of website know-how I would’ve seen the red flags from the start – but I didn’t and lesson learned. Speaking of…

*Warning dancers– do you actually own your domain/website and have control of what you paid for? It’s a common web designer scam, if the domain is not registered in your name you don’t actually own it and can be charged any number of super-inflated hosting/web fees and much worse by the designer/developer. Further, if your domain’s part of your email your designer should not have access to your private emails. In my case the designer locked me out/deleted everything connected to my domain (email, website, youtube)- all incredibly important parts of a dancer’s business. Be careful and protect yourself, look up basic website information before hiring a designer, they should encourage you to set up the domain/hosting yourself. There are free websites where you can look up domain registration, but know that owners can also pay to add domain privacy to clients so the actual owners name and information won’t show up. (By the way, I also recommend the domain privacy be added for dancers to better protect their personal information.) Please, be smart and safe with your business. As always, get all business arrangements in writing and be oh so very careful with bartering arrangements!*

I learned the hard way, you shouldn’t have to!

But as they say, when one door closes another, far more beautiful, opens – that’s certainly true in my case. As I’m growing in my dance and academic career I’m really honing in on what exactly I want to do and say with my art; I feel this site helps represent that.

There’s been lots of new adventures this year and I just feel so incredibly happy and blessed. It’s all coming full circle.

About my bellydancing website specifically – I have utmost thanks and appreciation for Jane Gilpatric of Gravity Station Web Design and Development for making my vision come to life. I wanted to support a woman this time around and I’m so glad I found her, she is truly an artist. She loves working with performing artists and the arts in general, (she’s done websites for jugglers, magicians, photographers, exc.) I highly recommend Jane for anyone looking for a new website, especially artists looking for a new custom WordPress website. Check out her website for more: www.GravityStation.com

My website is a custom designed and developed WordPress website so I can update/manage my whole website without assistance. WordPress makes everything super easy and this time around with Jane I’m in total control of every aspect of the site – I can change text, add pages, change/add photos within pages, update/rearrange my gallery…anything you could think of and it’s all user-friendly. I love how there is a special mobile version of the site so it’s easy to read/navigate from Iphones and other mobile devices.  Did I mention GravityStation/Jane also did my new business logo/branding and all my print materials (business cards)? Again, thank you so much Jane!

If you’d like to stay in touch with me please sign up for my mailing list to get email newsletters of my latest journal entries and news. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you stick around.