Hear what others have to say about Shiraz’s belly dance performances and classes!


“I first found out about Shiraz seeing her perform and thought she was amazing, so I jumped at the chance to take a Beginners belly dance class with her. She is extremely knowledgeable about, not just belly dance, but ALL dance. She is able to articulate the different “flavors” of belly dance and how certain moves correspond to a certain region or style. She is very conscious of one’s body and movement, and she teaches moves the right way so you don’t injure yourself. She explains moves in a variety of ways to help people “get” it, and she’s the biggest cheerleader for you in class. She loves when her students do well; she will break out into smiles and tell us how awesome we look. If you get a chance to see her perform, or to learn from her, take it!”

– Daralene, Pennsylvania

“You have been one of the best teachers I have taken lessons from.  I like how you take time to explain every movement and walk around each person observing and offering individual guidance.  I took the lessons for personal enrichment, fun and exercise and have greatly benefitted from the classes.  As a person who qualifies as a ‘senior’ I find your teaching suitable for all ages.  It was fun to dance with teenagers and other women of different ages and really learn movement with grace and not feel shy because you created a space very conducive to learning the art.  You love dancing, and I see you also love teaching others. 

Thank you so much… this is the first time in my life that I feel I will be able to get on the dance floor at a wedding or party without feeling self conscious.   Before I signed up for your classes I used to think ‘I can’t dance.’  After classes with you now I think “I love dancing”- it’s fun.  My husband said I even walk like a dancer now… that is the best compliment for someone who thought she could not dance.”

– Priya, Maryland

“I’ve been belly dancing for 4 years now and had great difficulty in expression, shyness and improv. Shiraz’s quiet and passionate manner helped me overcome my inhibitions.  She has a deep and passionate understanding, not only of the dance and its origins, but also of the students she teaches.  After taking several workshops from Shiraz, I am certain now that I can attain new levels in my own performance.”

– Naja, Pennsylvania

“Shiraz – I came to you three years ago a wobbly, baby dancer, now I’m a Philly professional. You’ve insightfully critiqued my technique, generously shared your wealth of knowledge, and taken me along countless gig-adventures to learn the biz first-hand. As a teacher you have helped me, and many others, grow with your teaching style that makes difficult concepts achievable, and cultural nuance/respect an utmost priority. We know that each class will come with something new! Your attitude as a teacher is warm, encouraging and accepting – just three of many qualities that make you the greatest teacher! 

As a performer you light up the room! It’s impossible to look away from you because your strength and grace is utterly captivating. Every dance is magical. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an inspiration. The East Coast isn’t going to be the same, but the West Coast has a force headed its way! Inshallah you’ll return to us often to share your knowledge and passion!”

– Roberto, Philadelphia Performer


“Shiraz is the best belly dancer I’ve had perform at my establishment. Her skills amaze my clientele and they love her personality. Clients call in advance to make sure she’s dancing before they RSVP, and lots of women follow-up with Shiraz for belly dance lessons after seeing her show. She makes them feel the art and they really enjoy seeing her perform with our live band. Shiraz, you are the best of the best and I wish you the best luck – you’ll get wherever you want, just keep up the great work!”

-Imad, Owner of Arab Night Club, Philadelphia

“Shiraz you were wonderful at our daughter’s wedding! Everyone loved the raqs sharqi (belly dance) show and you really added beauty and culture to our special day… thank you so much, I’ve seen lots of belly dancers and I’m so happy we chose you!”

-Aura, Persian-American Wedding

“I’ve had the opportunity to see Shiraz perform many times; in a Turkish club in Baltimore, for our annual ‘Turkish Nights’ at John Hopkins University, and in a home birthday party. Her years of experience allow her to put on a unique performance every single time. Regardless of dancing on a large stage or packed home, her interaction with the audience makes it very hard for anyone to stay seated for long. She is accommodating, friendly, and has managed to exceed our expectations every single time.”

-Yunuscan, Baltimore

Shiraz, please accept our gratitude for a most wonderful wedding performance! Everybody loved it! Thank you!”

-Nabeel and Fatiha, Pakistani-Moroccan Wedding

Shiraz, you are amazing! Both of your performances were so beautiful and impressive – you are as talented, and move just like, the professionals from back home (Egypt)!”

-Sara (and bridal party), Egyptian-American Leylet Henna and Wedding Performance

“Hi Shiraz, thank you for the great belly dancing show, you were incredible! You really did exceed our expectations and your talent, style, and passion is unique. You had everyone’s attention and they were all captivated, everyone was mentioning how good and entertaining your belly dancing was. Thank you again for sharing in my daughter’s special occasion and sharing your talents, you truly are a gem.” 

-Manny, Sweet 16 Belly Dance performance in Rancho Cucamonga, California