Dance Workshops

Belly Dancing Workshops are available in your area! Learn the Art with Shiraz, a multi-award winning professional belly dance performer and experienced instructor! 

For more information, along with sponsoring Shiraz, please contact her directly: or call Shiraz at 302.743.1982.

Shiraz is available to teach belly dance workshops in your area! Whether you are looking for a fun beginner’s workshop, an educational seminar or lecture, or one of Shiraz’s specialties, she is happy to work with you to create just what you’re looking for. 

Additionally, Shiraz is a Ph.D. Candidate in Critical Dance Studies, currently researching and writing a dance ethnography on the contemporary Cairo belly dance scene. She’s also available to lecture and speak as an academic in relation to her research and the field of raqs sharqi and Critical Dance Studies more broadly. Her research has been presented at academic conferences throughout North America. 

Workshop Descriptions

Below is a list of 2017-2018 workshops being offered by Shiraz. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Email Shiraz to craft a workshop fitting to your area’s and dancers’ needs.

Shimmy! Belly Dance Basics

In this introductory belly dance workshop we will learn the beautiful basics of belly dance, like shimmies, undulations, hip circles, hip figure-eights, chest drops, and snake arms; along with posture, body isolations, and body lines. Cultural and historical background of the dance will be covered. Students will leave with the essentials of the art form- a cache of fun & feminine new moves, cultural appreciation of the Arab world, and a higher level of body control and awareness… all while having a fantastic time in an encouraging environment.

Folkloric Styles of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Sampler

A select ‘sampler’ of beautiful folkloric and social dance styles from around the Middle East and North Africa! Every raqs sharqi dancer should be familiar with these styles, open to all levels of dancing. Increase your knowledge and appreciation of the rich diversity of MENA dances! (specific styles taught upon request)

Zay al Asil – ‘Honey Bodies’ Melting and Savoring w/ Strong, Fluid, Juicy-Gooey Movement Quality

In this workshop dancers will learn technique and concepts to move their bodies like honey (“asil”)- we will learn to relish and savor our raqs sharqi technique to capture that fluid, lingering, ‘juicy’ movement quality so admired with Egyptian dancers (with serpentine and percussive moves!) Dancers will work with tension, time-warping, the law of ‘opposites attract,’ tummy-transitioning, and more to develop captivating ‘honey bodies!’ 



Raq the Rhythm

Learn how to Raq the Rhythm with musicality, cultural understanding, confidence, and with specialty combinations! Begin to dissect the structure behind Egyptian music, see how much easier and more confident you become in improvisational dancing! Understand the cultural context behind essential rhythms, internalize their feeling and know what to do to them! Learn amazing new combinations, musicality, break-down, and context for up to 8 common rhythms. See the improvement in your musicality, confidence, and improvisational skills.

Crafting your Signature Style

Don’t ever be a cookie-cutter image of your teacher or another star dancer – learn to dance the way only you are meant to! Discover your signature moves, qualities, and persona in this workshop that will help to cultivate your own signature style. We will work with our personalities and body language to craft honest movement that is personalized and powerful. Plenty of exercises and techniques to help you become the best dancer nobody else can be but you!

Hiz Ya Wiz! Sensational Shimmies

In this high-intensity belly dance workshop we will learn all kinds of shimmies with variations. Technique and tips for each shimmy will be covered as well as how to add ‘flavor’ to each with volume, level, pattern changes, and more! Creative and unusual shimmies will also be taught. Shiraz is well-known for her powerful variety of shimmies and she wants to share her “hybrid-shimmy” knowledge with you!


Creative Drum Solo: Technique and Choreography

The drum solo is dynamic, exciting, playful, and powerful (often Shiraz’s favorite part of the belly dance show) and she is well-known for her powerhouse interpretations of the tabla. Creative and surprise isolations, shimmy-layering, and stage dynamics really bring this choreography to life! Dancers will begin approaching and exploring the drum solo in new and innovative ways.

Enchanting Candle Tray

Dancing with a tray of fire has a romantic and breathtaking quality. Shiraz will teach the essentials of candle tray performance to those interested in adding this enchanting prop to their dance repertoire. This workshop will cover candle tray basics: tray and candle selection, maintenance and care, entrances and exits, balancing, graceful technique, musicality, and beautiful combinations.

Folklore for the Oriental Dancer

In this workshop Shiraz will lay the foundation of folklore that is essential to a full raqs sharqi show. She’ll cover folkloric dances and their place/context within the full oriental show as well as specific rhythms and references to folk styles that appear in an oriental magence (opening) and other raqs sharqi songs within the show. Add necessary cultural nuance, and dynamic to your raqs sharqi routine with this workshop.

Mechanics of Creating Beautiful Structured Improvisation

Do you love the look of a well-polished and nit-picked choreography on stage but struggle with the love of being truly in the moment with a flowing improvisational show? With the techniques and mechanics for creating beautiful structured improvisation you can have the best of both worlds! Learn how to harness a well-balanced and polished performance while at the same time being free to fall into the emotions of the music from the moment you choose your song! Shiraz will share with you her mechanics of creating a structured improvisation from the time you choose your song up until showtime. Please bring paper and pencil.

Private Lessons and Mentoring

Shiraz is also available for private or semi-private belly dance lessons for the dedicated dancer. Private belly dance lessons are offered in Shiraz’s home studio for 50$/hour. She is more than happy to assist in mentoring dancers for those hoping to transition from student to professional, & for those wanting to deepen their knowledge (dance & cultural) along their Middle Eastern journey. A mentor is a necessary and priceless commodity in the dance community; Shiraz is available to answer any questions one might have pertaining to the business, performing, or professional aspects of the art.